About Us

The journey began with the search for a cure for a boy who was born with Ichthyosis vulgaris which is why the boy didn’t have his natural protective barrier that could keep moisture in his skin and much protection against UV radiation.

He needed a cure which is nonexistent. Then came the 2012 Prototype of the life-saving "Cooling Suit" that allowed him to venture outside without the fear of sunburn or extreme heat, the culprit that got the better of his skin’s ability to keep the body temperature cool.

“The Cooling Suit” changed the life of that poor boy forever. He still puts it on when he has to go to the school or any other place where exposure to sun is unavoidable.

Custom Yarn

A Trade Secret

Tried and true combinations of fibers, yarn weight, and colors along with special knitting processes produce different properties, all leading to well-finished products that fit the intended part of the body snugly without causing discomfort.

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